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High-Risk Auto Insurance

Drivers in Pennsylvania have to be insured before they get on the road. Driving without insurance can result in the suspension of your driver’s license and vehicle registration. You may have to pay fines and fees to get your license and registration reinstated.

Some Pennsylvania drivers cannot get coverage through a mainstream insurance company. There is the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan for these drivers, also known as PARP.

The Hansen Agency LLC, which serves drivers in Canonsburg, PA, and all over the state, can help you get coverage through PARP.

Who needs PARP?

Not everyone who needs high-risk coverage is a bad driver. You might have trouble finding insurance because you are over 70 or under 20. You could need high-risk coverage because you drive a high-risk vehicle, such as a Lamborghini, which would be extremely expensive to repair. Your problem could be bad credit, or maybe you just got your license.

Most drivers who need PARP, however, have filed multiple claims in recent years, have been arrested for DUI, have had numerous accidents, or have been required by the State of Pennsylvania to file an SR-22. 

What is PARP?

PARP is a high-risk pool for Pennsylvanians who have trouble getting insurance. Every insurance company in the state of Pennsylvania participates in the high-risk pool. 

These companies do not charge the same rates, and your agent at The Hansen Agency LLC, working from Canonsburg, PA, for drivers all over the state, can help you find the best coverage at the best rate. Your agent at the Hansen Agency can advise you on getting out of the high-risk category and finding conventional auto insurance.

Don’t try to navigate PARP plans on your own. Call us today to get the coverage you need to stay street-legal in Pennsylvania.


Navigating Commercial Insurance: What Every Business Owner in Canonsburg, PA Should Know

When you start a business, you must consider all sorts of things. What’s the best name for your business? How are you going to market? What kind of commercial insurance should you get? While we can’t help with everything, we can ensure you have a Canonsburg, PA policy that makes sense for your business.

At The Hansen Agency LLC, we can help you navigate commercial insurance policies.

Take a Hard Look at Your Business

Every detail about your business will impact the kind of insurance you need. Every business is different, so there’s no way to duplicate what someone else has.

You have to consider such things as:

  • Where your business is located
  • How many employees do you have
  • What industry you’re in
  • How you interact with customers
  • The various risks involved with your work

By exploring all of these things, you can start to identify some of the different risks and ensure you have coverage where it matters.

Build a Policy That’s Right for Your Business

An excellent commercial policy will cover every aspect of your business, including commercial vehicles and property, and even protect you if your business has to close for a certain period.

When you consider all of the obstacles that businesses have to overcome regularly, you need to be sure that you set yourself up for success. Otherwise, you could be a statistic of a business closing earlier than it should have.

Choosing a commercial insurance policy doesn’t have to be an overwhelming concept. At The Hansen Agency LLC, our insurance agents are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to answer any questions you might have. Call us today to learn how to get the policy you need to succeed in Canonsburg, PA.

Residential Insurance Add-Ons

Residential insurance add-ons will supplement your original home insurance policy’s coverage. Check out some of our insurance products that provide specialized protection for household materials and goods.

Buried Utility Coverage

Buried utility coverage protects cables, pipes, and other essential utility materials that are buried underground. If utility materials become damaged while owning your home, the add-on coverage you have obtained will pay to replace the damaged materials.

Swimming Pool Coverage

Owning a swimming pool comes with many risks. Injuries can occur throughout the year, and your standard home insurance policy may not cover your pool.

If it is not covered, you can acquire add-on coverage that will provide you with liability protection. The swimming pool coverage will protect all the materials that the pool is made of.

It will also provide coverage for a diving board, a slide, or any other accessories. Your swimming pool coverage can be customized to protect the exact type of pool and accessories that you own.

Household Equipment Breakdown

Owning a lot of appliances will require you to complete maintenance steps regularly. Even if you are vigilant about performing maintenance essentials, you may encounter situations requiring extensive appliance repairs.

Household equipment breakdown coverage is a specialized type of coverage that will provide relief when an appliance fails to operate. This type of coverage will protect refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, or any other type of household appliance.

Contact The Hansen Agency LLC

Now that you have explored some residential insurance add-ons, you may be ready to update your home insurance policy. One of our representatives at The Hansen Agency LLC can help you with that. Contact an agent who serves Canonsburg, PA, for more assistance.

The Impact of Auto Insurance on Business Operations

Auto insurance supports business operations by providing financial protection, risk management solutions, and regulatory compliance for companies that rely on vehicles for their daily activities. From protecting company-owned vehicles to ensuring the safety of employees and customers, auto insurance influences various aspects of business operations, including fleet management, logistics, and customer service around Canonsburg, PA.

Financial Protection for Company Assets

Auto insurance offers financial protection for company-owned vehicles against risks such as accidents, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Comprehensive coverage compensates for vehicle repairs or replacements, enabling businesses to minimize financial losses and maintain operational continuity. Commercial auto liability insurance also covers damages or injuries caused by company vehicles, protecting businesses from legal liabilities and potential lawsuits arising from accidents or incidents.

Risk Management and Safety Measures

Auto insurance encourages businesses to implement risk management strategies and safety measures to prevent accidents and minimize risks associated with vehicle operations. Companies may invest in driver training programs, vehicle maintenance protocols, and safety technologies to improve driver behavior, reduce accidents, and mitigate insurance claims. By promoting a culture of safety and accountability, auto insurance helps businesses enhance operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and protect their employees and assets.

Regulatory Compliance and Legal Requirements

Auto insurance ensures businesses comply with regulatory requirements and legal obligations related to vehicle operations. State laws mandate that businesses carry minimum vehicle insurance coverage, including liability insurance, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and personal injury protection. Failure to maintain adequate insurance coverage can result in fines, penalties, and legal consequences for businesses, highlighting the importance of insurance compliance in mitigating risks and maintaining business continuity.

How The Hansen Agency LLC Can Help You

At The Hansen Agency LLC, we can help answer questions concerning auto insurance. We serve the Canonsburg, PA, area. Call us today.

Different Types of Commercial Insurance Products You May Not Have Heard Of

Navigating Unique Commercial Insurance Options for Your Business

Protecting your business is crucial, and proper insurance coverage is indispensable to achieving this. Most business proprietors are acquainted with standard commercial insurance policies, yet an array of distinctive solutions offer specialized security. At The Hansen Agency LLC, we’re committed to assisting businesses in the Canonsburg, PA, area and beyond to navigate the complexities of insurance and identify innovative coverage plans.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber threats are genuine risks for businesses in this digital age. Cyber liability insurance safeguards your business from the financial fallout of data breaches, cyberattacks, and other cyber-related incidents. This specialized coverage can mitigate costs associated with data recovery, legal battles, notification expenses, and potential regulatory penalties.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance covers loss of income and extra expenses incurred when your business operation is disrupted due to covered hardships such as fires, natural disasters, or other unexpected events. This coverage can enable your business to face financial recovery and maintain operations during challenging times.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers insurance offers protection to company executives and board members from personal liability stemming from their professional decisions. This seals their personal assets and provides financial security against lawsuits alleging mismanagement, negligence, or breach of fiduciary duty.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices liability insurance protects businesses against claims of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and other work-related issues raised by employees or former employees. It helps manage the financial and reputational risks associated with employment-related lawsuits.

Tailored Insurance Solutions with The Hansen Agency LLC

At The Hansen Agency LLC, we understand that each business is unique, and standard insurance solutions might not always meet your requirements. Our team can help Canonsburg, PA business owners discover the coverage they need. Contact us to get started on a unique insurance journey today!

Additional Home Insurance Options You May Need

The Hansen Agency LLC has provided Canonsburg, PA residents with various home insurance policies for years and is more than ready to help you. We can provide you with several clever protection options that can ensure your home is safe from a myriad of unexpected and problematic issues.

Additional Home Insurance Options 

Flood Protection 

Did you know that your home’s insurance policy doesn’t automatically cover floods? That’s a real issue, and it’s something you need to take seriously. Adding an additional level of flood protection can ensure that you’re safe and minimize any lingering concerns over your home’s protection.

Umbrella Upgrade

When someone gets hurt on your property, a liability policy should help to ensure you get the help that you need. What if someone sues you, and your lawsuit is far past your liability protection? Umbrella insurance would pay the rest of the lawsuit out, up to its limits, to keep you financially strong.

Business Protection 

Do you run even a small side hustle out of your home or a one-person business? You might want to consider home business insurance. This unique coverage can help you repair business-related items, such as computers, or even replace items that get damaged or stolen.

Catastrophe Damage

There are some types of home issues that you just can’t anticipate, and catastrophe damage policies are essential for them. They’ll help with things like mudslides, sudden fires, and other rarer rangers that may not PA all that often but which you can never ignore in any state.

Get Help Today

With the help of our team at The Hansen Agency LLC, you can get the great home insurance protection you need to stay safe. Call us if you live in or around the Canonsburg, PA area and we’ll do what we can to ensure that you get the policy that makes the most sense for your personal needs.

Can You Pause Auto Insurance?

Some motorists in the Canonsburg, PA area have cars that they don’t use for several weeks or months. For instance, you might travel overseas or own a convertible you don’t drive during the winter. The idea of pausing your auto insurance may sound appealing, but is it realistically possible to do so?

Coverage Requirements

If you borrowed money to buy a vehicle, the lender probably requires you to keep insurance in effect until you pay off the loan. Another issue is that auto coverage is required by Pennsylvania law for any registered car. If an auto isn’t insured, PennDOT will expect you to let go of your registration plate. You could face fines or other penalties if you don’t follow this rule.

Pausing coverage generally isn’t possible with most insurers that serve the Keystone State. You could cancel your policy and establish a new one when you start driving again. However, you’d have to spend time canceling the insurance, relinquishing your registration, re-registering the vehicle, and requesting a new quote.

Benefits of Staying Covered

Continuous coverage doesn’t only save time or help you avoid legal penalties. There are advantages to keeping insurance active even if you aren’t using your car. An auto isn’t entirely safe when it sits in a driveway, parking lot, or garage. Comprehensive policies cover some types of non-collision events, such as criminal activity like theft and vandalism. They often cover vehicle damage caused by fires as well.

Consult With Us

The Hansen Agency LLC can help you find the right policy for any vehicle, including cars that may not be used for long periods of time. Our knowledgeable agents serve customers in Canonsburg, PA and surrounding areas. Our independent agency can check the quotes and coverage levels offered by several different insurers. Reach out to us at The Hansen Agency LLC today.

Three Types of Commercial Insurance Your Business May Need

When you own a business, there are many parts of it that need the protection of insurance. If you don’t have various aspects of your business covered, it’s time to get commercial insurance. When you need one or more policies for your business, call us at The Hansen Agency LLC in Canonsburg, PA. 

3 Commercial Coverage Options

Cyber Insurance 

Cyber insurance protects you against a wide range of risks your business faces by having data on its computers. A data breach, for instance, could cost a lot to deal with, and cyber insurance can help. There are many ways that scammers and crooks can get into a database and hold the data hostage or release it online. Stay covered against this situation with a cyber policy. 

Product Liability

If you sell a product or multiple products, there could be ways that people use them that are far from the norm. This can result in juries. Or, there may be a design flaw with the item that causes accidents. When you sell physical products, it’s always a good idea to have product liability insurance so that you won’t be at as much risk of lawsuits. Customers can instead work with your insurance policy to get their damages paid for. 

Premises Liability

If you operate a physical location that customers and others enter, there is always the possibility of them having accidents. When you aren’t insured for this possibility, you could be liable for huge amounts to pay for medical bills. By having this insurance, there will be funds to pay for those injuries, and you’ll have more peace of mind.

Get Your Commercial Insurance Today

If your business doesn’t have the coverage it needs, you could be at risk for financial disaster. Be sure that you’re insured against the many risks you face. Call us at The Hansen Agency LLC in Canonsburg, PA.

Safety Steps Every Homeowner Should Know

The home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes, and for many people and families who call Canonsburg, PA home, that is true. That is also why so many homeowners take steps to keep the place they call home safe. From safeguards and preventative measures to home insurance solutions from providers like The Hansen Agency LLC, there are several measures we can take to protect our homes.

In addition to our emotional and personal attachments, for many of us, home is also our largest investment. The good news is many tools and resources are available to help homeowners protect their home and their investments.

Protecting the Place We Call Home

If you are a homeowner, there are several ways to help protect your home and keep your family safe.

Home Security

From monitored camera and alarm systems to keypad entries and more, home security today is more reliable than ever before. 

Maintenance and Preventative Measures

Preventative measures such as routine maintenance and regularly inspecting your property can also save time and money and support the longevity of your home. From regular roof inspections to waterproofing our basements, the maintenance and upkeep of our homes will also help them withstand concerns from issues like storms and flooding.  

Home Insurance

Another resource and means to help protect your home is home insurance. From helping with the cost of repairs from damages resulting from storms, fires, and other events to liability protection, home insurance is a lot like the last line of defense.

Schedule A Consultation Today

If you are a homeowner and live in or around the Canonsburg, PA area, we invite you to visit The Hansen Agency LLC for all your home insurance needs. Contact us to learn more and protect your investment and home with smart home insurance solutions today.

Required Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, it’s mandatory to have auto insurance for every vehicle that you own. There are types of required coverage that have to be in your policy, and there are types that are optional for Pennsylvania drivers. The amounts of required coverages are low when compared to requirements in other states. It’s often recommended that you get more coverage than the minimum amount mandated by the state. When you need auto insurance, give us a call at The Hansen Agency LLC in Canonsburg, PA.

Required Coverage

It’s mandated by the state that you have two different kinds of liability coverage in your auto policy. Bodily injury liability is required to be in your policy in two amounts. One of these is for one injured person, and the second is for all of the injured parties. You need both of these to protect yourself against that type of liability. You also need liability protection against property damage and are mandated to have this in your policy. Not having these types of coverage means you’re driving illegally and you’re at great financial risk. 

Other Coverage

In addition to your liability coverage types, there is also first-party benefit coverage required. It’s required to have a small amount of this to pay for your own injuries as well as your passengers’ injuries. Auto policies also come with uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage, but you are allowed to reject this coverage and not have it in your policy. This type pays when someone without insurance or no insurance causes an accident. It’s recommended that you keep this insurance in your policy because of the risk you’d face without it. 

Get Auto Insurance

It’s important to always have auto insurance, and we can help. Call us at The Hansen Agency LLC in Canonsburg, PA to find out more and to get started. 

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